What does the abbreviation CCTV stand for?

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CCTV is an abbreviation of the term Closed Circuit Television, which is used in English to define a closed circuit television system.

CCTV is a system in which video signals are transmitted between devices connected to each other, such as Jasa Pasang CCTV cameras, monitors and video recorders.

The very first use of the CCTV system was documented in 1942. Walter Bruch, a famous German engineer, designed and installed a video surveillance system for the launch of V-2 missiles.

The most common type of CCTV camera today is an IP video camera that connects to the Internet. It can be accessed remotely via an app on a mobile phone or software on a computer. This means that CCTV cameras are no longer “closed loop” devices.
How CCTV Cameras Work

The video surveillance system originally consisted of cameras and monitors. Then came various recording devices used for storing and viewing videos.

After years of research and development, surveillance cameras have begun to produce images with higher, and even ultra-high, resolution.

Modern security cameras with night vision technology can produce clear color images even in complete darkness.

Moreover, CCTV cameras equipped with motion detection sensors will send you an alarm in case of potential danger. Such devices are reliable protection against theft.

CCTV cameras transmit recordings to DVRs for documentation and playback. Some cameras have a micro SD card slot for storing recorded footage locally.

Videos recorded on video recorders (DVR / NVR) or SD cards can be played back at any time on mobile phones, computers or TVs, even if you are far from the shooting location.