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The Earth was left without its devoted defender Optimus Prime, who, faced with an insurmountable threat, went to look for allies. He left humanity in the care of his friend Bumblebee. At this time, the eternal enemy Megatron planned a new attack, after which only one of the worlds could survive. Will he be able to build a dangerous bridge and wipe humanity off the face of the Earth?

The fifth part of the picture will please the return of old heroes and introduce new ones, including the dog Freya. Director Michael Bay was inspired by the touching story of this animal, which has spent its entire life in an animal shelter and is completely desperate to meet its owner. Freya got not only a role in the movie, but also a great opportunity to show herself to the whole world and, perhaps, finally find her man.

Fantastic action movie Transformers: The Last Knight, released exactly 10 years after the first, became the highest-budget part. His filming took place in many countries, among them Iceland, Ireland, the USA and even Cuba. The film surprises with excellent special effects, its viewing is remembered by the richness and excellent presentation of what is happening. The plot does not lag behind the visual component, but will be fully understood only by fans of this franchise, since it is inextricably linked with the previous parts.